Youth and climate on the move

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly severe, today’s youth (defined as from five to 30 years old) have an all-important task. The Climate Centre recognises the key role that youth play in ensuring that people now and in the future do not suffer the consequences of a worsening climate. 

Filled with energy, youth across the world are ready to act and to do so on an unprecedented scale. In the last few years an important shift has taken place in how young people are perceived. Millions of youth from all over the world have expressed their concerns about climate change; more than ever they are listened to. 

Youth have drawn more public attention to climate change than their elders have in many years. The Climate Centre supports youth across the world to engage in critically important local and global climate action.

The Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is made up over 12 million volunteers in 192 National Societies, about half of them young people – a vast and engaged network that presents a huge opportunity for youth-led impact on the ground.

The focus of our youth engagement is threefold: focusing on increasing awareness, engaging in practical action and enabling meaningful advocacy



Y-Adapt is a curriculum for young people consisting of games and playful activities (website). It helps them to both understand climate change and to take practical action to adapt to the changing climate in their community. These actions are local interventions that reduce the impacts of extreme-weather events. They can be rapid-onset events such as heavy rain leading to flooding, or slow-onset events such as extreme heat and drought.

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Internship programme

“The Climate Centre really takes care to understand what you want to learn in your internship, and it really delivers in trying to achieve those goals while pursuing their own overarching goals” – Maya Adams (Uganda, 2020)

“I have learned so much with the Climate Centre and it has been a great introduction into the humanitarian field” – Hannah Forkell (US, 2020)

“I have learned a lot, I have more knowledge on issues of climate change and health than I did before” – Time Munthali (Malawi, 2020)

Youth module

Our Climate Training KIT has a youth module:

Who is it designed for?
Youth, and and National Societies interested in why and how to engage youth on climate change.

What is inside?
Exciting resources, games and activities to inspire youth to learn what climate change is.

What’s its goal?
To enable, educate and empower youth to act and adapt to climate change.