Interns: FAQ

Can I apply even if I am not in the Netherlands?  

Absolutely! You can apply from anywhere in the world.  


Where will I be based during the duration of the internship?  

We offer home-based internships. You will not have to travel. The Climate Centre team works virtually, and we are spread out across the globe.   


Can you explain to me the hours of work for interns?  

Please note that full-time means working with us 40 hours a week. For part-time, your hours of work can vary. You can talk about this to your prospective supervisor.  


What time zone should I be considering when working?  

Climate Centre is based in the Hague, the Netherlands. Our time zone is based on Central European Time (CET). However, some of our supervisors are spread out in different regions (e.g., Eastern Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America).  


What do I need to submit in my application?  

Please answer and follow the application form. You do not have to send us any additional documents.  


What’s next after I submitted my application?  

We do not guarantee any placements. If the Climate Centre team members find a match for your profile and your interest, a prospective Climate Centre supervisor will contact you for an interview. If it’s a match, we will then offer you a placement.   


What’s the processing timeframe of the applications?   

If you successfully answered and submitted the form, it means that we have you on our list. The response timeframe varies (2 to 4 weeks) and may take longer. Supervisors need to consider if your profile matches the project they are currently working on and if their project budget allows the placement. Moreover, the placement is dependent on relevant projects.  


Can I simultaneously work on my thesis with the Climate Centre while working as an intern?  

Unfortunately, you cannot combine both. The internship is a learning trajectory we provide to gain practical work experience and professional skills from technical experts. Your experience with us involves paperwork and deadlines that will take time to accomplish. If there are too heavy academic requirements during your internship, we believe it might result in a stressful internship experience.   


I didn’t receive any email after a month of applying.  

We try to respond to your inquiries. However, we cannot guarantee to email each applicant due to the volume of the applications. If you do not receive any email from us after a month, there is likely that you did not get any placement.  


What are the current projects Climate Centre is working on?  

You can find out more of our priority areas here.   

What are the current projects Climate Centre is working on? 
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What are the current projects Climate Centre is working on? 

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