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Speech by Bekele Geleta: Climate Change and Development


Climate Change and Development

Address by Bekele Geleta, Secretary General, to the Overseas Development Institute, at the Houses of Parliament, 18 March 2009 , Westminster  in London
"It is a great honour to be here today, in this most hallowed of places which has not just seen so much history but, through the ages, often shaped it with such profound impact on the world. We are here to talk on a subject that is of as profound importance as ever, and for which we need - as never before - the best of wisdom, leadership and partnership from the British people and government. In 1992, when world leaders signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, they expected to solve the cause of the problem: the emissions of greenhouse gases. The Kyoto Protocol did not see the need to involve assistance organizations such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Seventeen years later, our presence here today shows, unfortunately, that the world, as a whole, has failed to avoid climate change becoming a climate crisis." Read more.