Innovative processes for events

Design and facilitation of events aiming at learning and dialogue need careful consideration of your learning objectives and your audience. At the Climate Centre we have developed a range of interactive processes and tools to engage audiences in face to face events, in virtual dialogue and in hybrid events – including a mix of face to face and virtual engagement.

Engaging Processes

Engaging Processes

Learn eighteen innovative methods that spark intensely participatory interaction between the event participants. The suggestions below are meant to inspire audience members to connect more deeply with one another and with session content.

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Time capsule for thinking Longterm

We engaged in a Deep Demonstration process on Longtermism, understanding different ways of engaging with longterm perspectives. As part of the process we engaged in a series of unusual paired dialogues and filled a time capsule with messages and artefacts of our times.

Hybrid events

We are currently organising a range of hybrid events, consisting of a mix of virtual and face to face engagement. These events aim to combine an easy and sustained virtual engagement with a rich interactive face to face learning component.


Creative processes

Bringing creative processes into conferences and workshop allows participants to explore different perspectives, share more freely and engage the mind and emotions when exploring the wicked problems of our times.

Creative processes
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