Youth strategy

RCRC Strategy on Youth-led Climate Action

On Earth day (22 April) 2021 the IFRC and the Climate Centre launched the Red Cross Red Crescent Strategy on Youth-led Climate Action.

The IFRC recognises the key role that youth play in ensuring that people now and future generations do not suffer the consequences of a worsening climate.

Filled with energy, youth across the world are ready to act and do so at an unprecedented scale. This strategy aims to continue that momentum through providing inspiration and direction for the RCRC youth to take meaningful climate action. 

This strategy has not only been created for youth, but also by youth. A series of consultations, surveys, and virtual engagements were held in English, Spanish, French and Arabic and the strategy is available in those 4 languages too. 

Over the coming years we will be collecting stories of action from youth across the globe to be able to monitor the implementation of this strategy. Want to be inspired? Take a look at the worldmap below.

What is happening?

What is happening?

Are you curious to see what youth are doing across the globe? You can take a look at the map to find out more. Please note this mapping initiative has only just started (May 2021).

Visit the worldmap


“The climate crisis is our present and our future. We owe it to ourselves to act and design a climate-safe future today,”

Isa, 19, from the Philippines, as saying.