New EU call for proposals to strengthen resilience in Europe

New EU call for proposals to strengthen resilience in Europe
11 December 2023

By the Climate Centre

The first call for proposals was announced recently for Pathways2Resilience (P2R) – a new EU-funded programme that will finance and empower more than 100 regions and communities across Europe over the next five years, inviting them to develop visions of a climate-resilient future.

P2R will support regions and communities to develop their own adaptation strategies and pathways in a locally led and participatory way. 

The Climate Centre is a key partner, emphasizing that the project provides a valuable opportunity for National Societies to engage, and ensure that the most vulnerable communities are considered and the voices of the most vulnerable heard.

Even though National Societies cannot be direct beneficiaries of the funding, they can join consortia led by their local authorities and be supported financially that way.


P2R will pay special attention to climate and environmental justice issues, aiming to bring about change for those most in need, and National Societies are well equipped to help in this process, themselves benefitting from the empowerment involved. 

P2R has developed an 18-month process that will guide regions in planning investment and action for greater resilience, including via an online toolbox.

Specialist groups will foster knowledge exchange among diverse stakeholders, along with a peer-led monitoring programme; one-to-one support will also be provided to at least nine regions or communities. 

The first of the two calls for applications for up to 210,000 euros, available for 40 regions, closes on 22 February; it is open to EU regions and countries associated with the Horizon programme, and National Societies can offer to partner in the process with local and regional authorities.