Teaching and learning your way, at your pace

We offer many virtual and face-to-face courses and opportunities for the development of capacity that you can follow at your own pace and in your own style. We have also developed supporting materials and tools that bring innovation to your humanitarian work.

There are separate mini-sites, all clearly linked here, where you can find out about the Climate Training Kit and the principal resource for young people, Y-Adapt.

Some of these courses, Red Alert and Climate Red, for example, are hosted on the IFRC learning platform: registration is required but is very simple and straightforward.

The Climate Training Kit

Welcome to the Climate Training Kit, an interactive set of materials prepared by the IFRC and the Climate Centre, and updated continuously.

This kit provides innovative tools to trainers and facilitators within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and its partners.

It aims to build capacities without having to fly experts around the globe. We seek to reduce our flights and emissions by offering these training materials online, with extensive explanation for facilitators on how to use each of the resources.

Information on important areas of humanitarian work, including technical aspects of climate risk management, climate-related policy dialogues, climate finance and much more are available in this kit.

As with any generic tool, we would emphasize that all these products need to be tailored to local context and audience, but this is a menu for your convenience.

Red Alert
Virtual course

Red Alert

The world is at red alert on climate change. The IFRC Red Alert course brings you the collective expertise of the IFRC, the Climate Centre and the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance, a key partner.

Available from the IFRC learning platform, it complements the Climate Centre’s own training kit, linked above.

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Our flagship youth programme, Y-Adapt, is broken down into seven curriculum sessions, all available to download: Introduction, the Climate Change Challenge, Map the Hazard, See the System, Act to Adapt, Choose your challenge, Join the Y-Adapt community, and a specialist session, Experience the Environment.

It helps young people understand climate change and take practical action to adapt to a changing climate in their community; there is also a special module for young people in our Climate Training Kit.

(Photo, Y-Adapt with young volunteers at the East Asia summer youth camp, Mongolia)

Climate change in small island developing states

This online course available at the IFRC learning platform introduces the reasons for SIDS vulnerability to climate impacts. It comprises four modules: climate change awareness generally, climate in SIDS, impacts and possible actions.

(Photo, Red Cross youth training in the Solomon Islands for global climate action.)

News story

Climate:Red session on training

Building capacity virtually is here to stay post-pandemic, and interactive methodologies can keep participants virtually on their feet, ensuring organic learning. This was the clear message from the 2020 Climate:Red Summit where the Climate Centre introduced modules from its Climate Training Kit.

Princess Margriet of the Netherlands speaks from The Hague on the closing panel of the Climate:Red Summit. (Photo: Netherlands Red Cross)

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Climate:Red session on training


Participate! is an online course for the design of effective science, policy and practice events, focusing on workshops, conferences and face-to-face courses for the adaptation risk reduction communities.

The course includes a range of participatory methodologies and a real-world project that is reviewed and supported by mentors and colleagues.

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