Climate change undermines most of the sustainable development goals – WMO
Storm Daniel ‘medicane’ turns on Libya
‘Africa is not just a passive victim of climate change but a strong voice and an actor for global targets’
Extreme weather in southern Europe moves from one end of the scale to the other
WMO: Emissions less than a quarter of global average, yet Africa suffers disproportionately from climate change
Guide to climate-smart programming
Resilience and adaptation

Guide to climate-smart programming

The IFRC and the Climate Centre have published a comprehensive new guide to climate-smart programming and humanitarian operations for all Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies. Available in full and summary versions, the guide focuses on how to use climate-related information to reduce risk and human vulnerability, and includes detailed annexes and user-friendly tools.

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Latest publications

*NEW: 2022 Annual Report with full financial data.

*Policy coherence between social protection and climate action: Initial findings from global studies and projects

*World Weather Attribution study: Extreme heat in North America, Europe and China in July 2023 made much more likely by climate change

*Factor health into adaptation finance – Climate Centre study




While many displaced people have been sheltered now in #Libya, these shelters are only temporary, overcrowded and are not suitable for winter.

We call for continued solidarity with the Libyan Red Crescent Society to respond to the survivors’ dire needs of #StormDaniel.

"The spirit I saw of the volunteers of the @LibyaRC - they are working around the clock, day & night, to support the people & implement operations", says @drTamer_Ramadan, leading the IFRC rescue effort.

The humanitarian situation in Libya remains dire following #StormDaniel.


A new and wide-ranging set of resources developed by the Red Cross Red Crescent network will help communities prepare for the heatwaves that will intensify with climate change. Available through the IFRC’s Global Disaster Preparedness Centre and the Climate Centre, they incude campaign material, case studies, policy briefs, research and reports, and practical advice on staying safe.

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