Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre
  • New UK aid focused on early action and<br/>helping front-line responders anticipate
  • British Red Cross 150th anniversary essays:<br/>the case for change in a time of crisis
  • Nexus approach the backbone of preparedness and<br/>resilience. New guidance from ECHO on<br/>‘protracted, unpredictable and complex crises’
  • In run-up to COP 26, Petersberg dialogue and G7<br/>start fleshing out commitments on adaptation
  • Climate crisis and anticipatory action<br/>among ‘priority topics’ at 7th<br/>Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Weeks

Red Cross Red CrescentCLIMATE CENTRE

The Climate Centre supports the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and its partners in reducing the impacts of climate change and extreme weather events on vulnerable people.