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Climate Art and Stories Campaign

Climate Art and Stories Campaign

Throughout the month of October, the ENBEL Consortium and Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre together with the IFRC, shared 31 art pieces and personal stories on climate change. The stories ranged from climate change impacts, success stories of local adaptation, and calls to action.

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The Physical Science of Climate Change: Seven key humanitarian insights from the IPCC report

The IPCC’s findings are clear, rigorous, and very concerning. They are captured in formal, technical language. Now we need to speak about the report’s implications, in language(s) everyone understands. Here are our seven humanitarian insights derived from this IPCC report (Physical Science of Climate Change, AR6 WG1).

Climate Centre Annual Report 2021 – The three C’s: Covid, climate, conflict




Happy tears in my eyes listening to @EthioRedCross @UgandaRedCross @KenyaRedCross sharing learnings of @IKEAFoundation @RodeKruis 5y project and seeing #AnticipatoryAction institutionalized and operationalized. A dream came through! Next steps: scaling up & strengthening

We're about to start day 3 at the 10th #GlobalDP.

And it's time to ask... are we getting it right?

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Climate Science

THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE IMPACTS: Eight humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report

Climate Change can be painfully confusing, especially for those of us who need to act and help based on what is known. Read our cartoon-infused summary here.

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THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE IMPACTS: Eight humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report

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