IFRC in Europe sounds alarm over deadly combination of heat and Covid-19
‘UK struggling to keep pace with climate impacts’
IFRC welcomes USAID to early-action partnership
IFRC braces for Atlantic hurricane season amid Covid
Scientists pin more than a third of heatwave-related deaths on climate change
Africa Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

Africa Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian Action

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World Disasters Report 2020 

The impacts of climate change are already devastating lives and livelihoods every year, and they will only get worse without immediate and determined action. The World Disasters Report 2020 analyses climate disaster trends and shows how we can tackle the humanitarian impacts of the climate crisis together.

A first look at the number of people affected by intersecting disasters by Dan Walton and Maarten van Aalst.



.@IFRC_Europe sounds alarm in press release today over deadly combination of looming #heatwave and persistent #Covid19 in a number of countries in #Europe; in pic, @CruzRojaEsp volunteers patrol deserted beaches -

MEDIA RELEASE: The double risk of heat and COVID-19 poses a deadly threat to the most vulnerable in our society – homeless, migrants, older people, pregnant women.
“We cannot let our guard down. Lives are at stake,” said @IFRC_Europe’s Dr @davronmukhammad


Urban Action Kit

As the world becomes increasingly urban, cities face greater challenges from climate change and the global pandemic, exacerbating existing inequalities and stretching infrastructure. Supporting local actors with urban resilience activities can build social cohesion, improve livelihoods, and make cities more livable. The Climate Centre and its partners have developed their quick-start, low-cost Urban Action Kit to do just this.

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Urban Action Kit
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