The ‘day-to-day face of climate change’ 2021
G7 ministers commit to ‘as anticipatory a humanitarian system as possible’
Climate change intensified rain that led to flood ‘catastrophe of enormous proportions’ in South Africa
IFRC issues new operational framework for anticipatory action
WMO: 50% chance of global temperature increase touching 1.5°C in next five years
THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE IMPACTS: Eight humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report
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THE SCIENCE OF CLIMATE IMPACTS: Eight humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report

Climate Change can be painfully confusing, especially for those of us who need to act and help based on what is known. Read our cartoon-infused summary here.

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The Physical Science of Climate Change: Seven key humanitarian insights from the IPCC report

The IPCC’s findings are clear, rigorous, and very concerning. They are captured in formal, technical language. Now we need to speak about the report’s implications, in language(s) everyone understands. Here are our seven humanitarian insights derived from this IPCC report (Physical Science of Climate Change, AR6 WG1).



#AnticipatoryAction presents a unique opportunity for humanitarians to reduce the likelihood of disaster displacement - but to date, it has not been sufficiently harnessed for this.

Our latest blog, from @edjemba and @ClimateLisa looks at the evidence

Screen grab from @WMO video on #StateofClimate 2021 report, out today, finding 4 key indicators of #climatechange set records amid 'planetary-scale changes on land, in #oceans, and in the #atmosphere'; some already irreversible in foreseeable future -


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Enjoy our latest cartoons from Cartoonathons this year and explore ways of integrating candid humour to promote effective dialogue.

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Should they stay or should they go?

A reflection by Regie Gibson on Loss & Damage and our actions to protect the most vulnerable.

Concept: Pablo Suarez, Regie Gibson, Daniel Stephens