Resilient cities

The Climate Centre provides guidance and resources to foster inclusive urban climate action at scale. The team achieve this by engaging in policy dialogue, leading research efforts, and supporting action on the ground.

We partner with Red Cross Red Crescent components, cities, universities, and various urban networks to reduce climate impacts on the most vulnerable urban residents.

The urban team also has a special focus on the urban heat risk, coastal cities, and small and medium enterprises. 

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Can't Take the Heat

Can't Take the Heat

The Can't Take the Heat podcast explores how people will adapt to a warming world. Host Roop Singh approaches the biggest challenges posed by climate change, like more intense and frequent heatwaves, from a humanitarian perspective. How will the impacts of climate change affect people around the world? What are the big solutions in the works? How do we make them happen? The podcast features experts from around the world including leading scientists who are developing climate solutions, and humanitarian volunteers telling stories of climate change from the front lines of disasters. Contact us at


City Learning Labs: Spaces for complex urban dialogue

City Learning Labs are collaborative spaces bringing together a group of diverse stakeholder to tackle complex burning issues.

They have been piloted by the Southern Africa FRACTAL team in six cities (alphabetically): Blantyre, Gabarone, Harare, Lusaka, Maputo and Windhoek.

City Heatwave Guide

Heatwaves are deadly disasters that are increasingly common and can seriously affect human health and well-being.

This guide is based on the earlier comprehensive Heatwave Guide for Cities but is tailored to practical actions that can be led by Red Cross Red Crescent branches in preparing for and responding to heatwaves in towns and cities. While some actions may be new, most can be easily integrated into existing work.


Urban Action Kit

As the world becomes increasingly urban, our cities are more stressed than ever with challenges such as climate change and the global pandemic, exacerbating existing inequalities and straining infrastructure. Supporting local actors to undertake urban resilience activities in their urban communities can be a powerful way to build social cohesion, improve livelihoods, and make cities more livable. The Climate Centre and partners have developed an Urban Action Kit to do just this; it's a quick-start, low-cost, do-it-yourself guide to urban resilience.

Action Kit
Urban Action Kit

Urban concepts