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If you would like to partner with us, please get in touch. We are always keen to expand our network to serve the mandate of the organization and to protect most vulnerable people from the consequences of extreme weather and climate change.

Telephone: +3170 4455886
Address: Anna van Saksenlaan 50, 2593 HT, The Hague, Netherlands
Postal address: PO Box 28120, 2502 KC, The Hague

For journalists (monitored during European office hours and intermittently at weekends).

If your inquiry centres on breaking news or current emergencies, please go first to the IFRC Media Hub, or for conflict states.

If you are a national (as opposed to clearly global) media company, we will need a little time to check with the relevant national Red Cross or Red Crescent society in their office hours; bear with us, we will try to get back to you before your deadline.

Our regional focal points

The Climate Centre head office is at the Netherlands Red Cross in The Hague, but our staff are based all over the world, actively linking with local and global partners. This allows us to be agile, connected to what is happening on the ground, and to bring diverse perspectives to our team and our work.

North and East Africa: Shaban Mawanda (
West Africa and the Sahel: Guigma Kiswendsida (
Southern Africa: Bettina Koelle (

Middle East
Shaban Mawanda (

Asia Pacific
Madhab Uprety (

Fleur Monasso (

Juan Bazo (

Keisha Sandy (