Mediterranean youth photo-contest on ‘environment and climate change’

Mediterranean youth photo-contest on ‘environment and climate change’
28 March 2013

The Red Cross Red Crescent Centre for Cooperation in the Mediterranean (CCM) today (Thursday) launches its 5th annual youth photo contest, this year focusing on the environment and climate change. 

The competition highlights “the importance of respecting the world and the environment we live in [and] the growing humanitarian consequences that climate change has on our everyday lives,” according to CCM background information.
The competition is open to members of youth sections of Mediterranean National Societies aged 18 to 30, as well as nearby countries. It closes on 27 May.
As well as artistic merit and originality, winners will be judged on the ability of their photos “to raise awareness of the growing challenge that the environment and climate change represent for all,” says the Barcelona-based CCM.
'Regard for the elderly'
The jury will be drawn from the Spanish Red Cross and the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the IFRC, CCM and the Climate Centre.
Last year's winner was Abdessamie Elkabir, from Morocco, whose picture entitled Humanité (above) “represents the power of humanity of all those volunteers who want to express their regard for the elderly”.
Full details about the competition, including contacts, technical parameters and instructions on how to enter, are available at the MedYouthPort@l website. You can also visit the CCM on Facebook
The photo contest is being jointly supported by the Italian Red Cross and the local governments of Catalonia and the city of Barcelona.
The photo Humanité that won the 2012 youth photo-contest organized by the Red Cross Red Crescent Centre for Cooperation in the Mediterranean.
(Photo: Abdessamie Elkabir)