New interactive user’s guide for climate and development planning

New interactive user’s guide for climate and development planning
7 October 2011

A new, interactive users’ guide to tools for climate and development planning has just been launched by Ecofys and the Institute of Development Studies, with support from the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN).

There are many dozens of tools and methodologies to assist decision-makers with development planning in a changing climate.  They range from economic scenario development to spatial planning methods. If you’re working on climate change and development at the national level, the Climate Planning users’ guide will help you navigate the landscape of tools and methods and find the most suitable ones for you.  The guide takes you through an interactive questionnaire about:

  • what stage of the development policy cycle you’re in – from planning to delivery to evaluation;
  • what kind of support you need – whether it’s knowledge-sharing, data generation or process guidance;
  • whether you are most interested in climate mitigation, adaptation, or both;

The guide provides top recommendations, and also allows you to browse among the different tools available. Information is provided about the cost of different tools, the training and language requirement, and how to contact the developers.

Visit to explore the guide. If you’re based in a developing country with poor internet access, you may contact CDKN at to request a CD-ROM version of the guide for free.

The guide is based on the longer analytic study and report, ‘comparative analysis of climate compatible development tools and methodologies’ by Ecofys and IDS with support from CDKN. The analytical report is available for download on