Youth declaration

Youth declaration
2 July 2009

To mark the 150th anniversary of the battle of Solferino and to highlight Red Cross and Red Crescent emergency disaster response as well as long-term humanitarian programmes, more than 500 volunteers and staff from 149 national societies gathered in Solferino from 23 to 28 June 2009.

They took part in several events of which one focused on young humanitarians:

The Third World Red Cross and Red Crescent Youth Meeting took place under the slogan “Youth on the Move”. This training event brought together youth volunteers who attended seminars in many fields, including how to mitigate the humanitarian impact of climate change, the promotion of social justice, preventing the spread of HIV as well as sessions on disaster management. They pass on this knowledge to their peers back in their countries. Red Cross and Red Crescent youth wrote a global youth declaration, addressing themselves, their national societies and all governments.

On climate change Red Cross Red Crescent youth commit themselves to:

  1. Involve ourselves in disaster preparedness, response and recovery, including innovative solutions such as psychosocial support;
  2. Live up to our commitments on climate change, and make little moves every day, using youth peer education to change communities;
  3. Advocate strongly on climate change adaptation, including the protection of climate migrants;
  4. “Safe food for safe life”, by advocating on food security; and
  5. Advocate for access to clean and safe water, and contribute to sustainable solutions.

They call on their national societies to:

  1. Follow through on existing commitments on climate change.

They call on the governments of the world and on the international community to reduce vulnerability to disaster by:

  1. Creating active and dynamic partnerships at all levels, to address climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  2. Preparing for and responding to the emerging humanitarian effects of climate change, such as the protection of climate migrants; and
  3. Renewing your commitment to finding sustainable water security for all.