Social Protection Shuffle


In this participatory activity, players become subsistence farmers, who face changing risks and government officers. Players must make individual and collective decisions, with consequences.

Learning objectives

To explore how: 

  • Regular cash transfer protects people from the impoverishing impacts of climate shocks
  • Cash transfers allow people to invest in more resilient livelihoods
  • Investing in social protection systems is in the long-run more cost-effective and can increase the speed of humanitarian response

Intended audience

Programme managers and policy makers in government and development agencies at global, regional, national and sub-national level.

Playspace requirements

Large room without tables and chairs.


This game was developed with support United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and co-developed with Delft University Game Lab.

For this game is needed:

Participants: 10-60
Facilitator skill: ***/***
Minutes for gameplay: 0 - 30 min