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Climate change, conflict and resilience: Debating humanitarian policy at a high-level round table in Amman

01/07/2019 - by the ICRC

(This story appeared first on the ICRC website last month. It has been edited slightly here for length and time references.)

The ICRC and the Jordan Red Crescent Society (JRCS) co-hosted a policy dialogue on climate change, conflict and resilience in Amman last month.

The round table was jointly organized with the Climate Centre and the UK Overseas Development Institute.

It provided a platform for 35 representatives of local authorities, humanitarian and development partners, researchers and donors working in the Middle East to discuss the interconnected vulnerabilities and impacts of climate change and conflict on populations and natural resources.


“In our daily work, we witness the direct consequences of climate risk and conflict on the lives and livelihoods of communities,” said Jurg Montani, ICRC Head of Delegation in Jordan, who also stressed that “we need to identify sustainable humanitarian action that will bolster their resilience and adaptation”.

Montani said “Jordan is an important hub for humanitarian dialogue and policy debates on issues of such regional relevance.

“The diversity of stakeholders sitting around the table will contribute to shaping the global policy on the climate and conflict nexus tomorrow.”

The round table also discussed how climate finance can increase people’s adaptation and resilience to the double vulnerability caused by conflict and climate change.


JRCS President Dr Mohammed Al-Hadid emphasized “the need to urge governments to adopt policies to secure enough finance to increase livelihoods, improve infrastructure and disaster risk management, and strengthen compliance with international humanitarian law”.

The Amman round table is the fourth in a global series of seven on climate change, conflict and resilience being convened this year.

Three have been held so far in Kenya, the Ivory Coast and the Netherlands, with the Philippines, Washington, DC, and finally Geneva to come.

ICRC President Peter Maurer speaks to International Committee beneficiaries in Jordan at the end of an official visit in February. At the latest global round table on climate change, conflict and resilience, the ICRC said “Jordan is an important hub for humanitarian dialogue and policy debates on issues of such regional relevance.” (Library photo: A. Sari/ICRC)