Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

Paper on climate change and health

08/05/2009 - by Lina Nerlander (RC/RC Climate Centre)

The paper was written as a background document for 'The Commission on Climate Change and Development' (Sweden). The recommendations made in this paper can be summarised as follows: actions can be divided into those that mean doing more of the same: focussing on building resilience and strengthening public health systems at all levels while paying particular attention to the most vulnerable in society.

However, some things need to be done differently, such as developing more user-friendly early warning systems, using information at multiple timescales, strengthen the health sectors involvement in planning in other sectors and look for win-win solutions that benefit health and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, there needs to be a better focus on how to better deal with short term climate variability, as well as planning for how to ensure that systems remain resilient and adaptable to changing risks in the longer term. Read full paper.