Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre

The Access and Use of Climate and Weather Information in IFRC and RC


The Red Cross Red Crescent (RC/RC) Climate Centre helps facilitate the effort to provide the IFRC with tools and support to improve disaster management and decision making through climate information. Through this  collaboration, IRI works to understand the needs of the IFRC and provide accessible and relevant climate information to support humanitarian decisions. Since 2007, IRI has developed ways to better serve the IFRC including: 1) a mapping tool, accessible to Disaster Managers around the world through IFRC’s online Disaster Management Information System (DMIS), which displays precipitation forecasts on multiple timescales in the context of how the forecasted rainfall compares to normal rainfall for that time and place; and 2) a Help Desk, through which climate scientists aim to respond within 24 hours to inquiries from IFRC staff and volunteers regarding climate, weather and forecasts. Students from the IRI-affiliated Climate and Society Master’s Program at Columbia University also help facilitate the collaboration between the IRI and IFRC through summer internship projects and research.

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