Innovative engagement

Engage mind and soul

Climate change is an extraordinarily difficult problem, but when operating in complex systems innovative engagement can support more candid dialogue.

The Climate Centre team has explored different ways of bringing innovation to these processes through the use of serious games in settings ranging from rural Zambia to the White House, interpreting data through art, working with artists, and humour, to name but a few.

We are continuously exploring new ways to promote effective dialogue, engaging with rural communities and decision-makers in pursuit of joint outcomes.

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Working with humour for candid dialogue

Working with humour for candid dialogue

Working with humour can be an enriching experience. The process of a cartoonathon is carefully designed to ensure that the artists are free to listen and to engage in order to surface useful reflections and stimulate deeper dialogue.

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Why become Virtually Amazing?

As a well-known and visible international actor on climate change, virtual engagement is increasingly important for the Climate Centre. We continue to be invited to short meetings, panels, presentations and sessions around the world, switching to online events during the pandemic.

While we want to infuse our vision of enhanced learning and dialogue through interactive approaches in these events, we also seek to promote efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and the necessary behaviour change to achieve this.

Recognizing the increased need for online engagement – made even more urgent by Covid – the Climate Centre aims to become a champion of interactive and effective virtual engagements.

Can we accomplish the same impact to address global challenges when people and teams cannot physically meet? Can we design and facilitate events that enable meaningful participation at a distance, reducing health risks and costs, while taking advantage of all the possibilities offered by digital technologies?

Yes, we can. It is time to become Virtually Amazing. For more details, please read our Virtually Amazing Manifesto.

New virtual game: Decision for the Season

A game to forecast the season, decision taking and managing risk. Explore our new virtual version of Decision for the Season! This game can be played in large groups and uses a custom-built technical interface.

Try this at your next conference or workshop around risk management.

For further information you can contact the Virtually Amazing team at

Science and Cartoons

Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate- explained in cartoons

The question : What is happening in the oceans, coasts, poles, and mountains, and what is happening in the communities that depend on them? Here is our summary explained with Cartoons.

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Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate- explained in cartoons

Tactical urbanism for Lusaka heatwaves