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Development and Climate Days 


The RCCC is a host partner of the Development and Climate Days (D&C days) an annual parallel event to the UNFCCC conference of Parties (COP). It brings together grassroots representatives, researchers, development practitioners and policymakers from all over the world to discuss how to build a climate-resilient future for all. 

D&C Days aims to create a collaborative space for honest and open discussions enhancing understanding of climate risk, sharing good and accessible practices, and actionable strategies for climate resilient development. 

Common key messages, shared lessons learned, and partnerships are emerging from the D&C days every year. The most recent D&C in 2021 key messages or ‘five pathways for adaptation, resilience and action’ are: 

1. Building resilient agriculture and food systems 
2. Early warning, early action to leave no one behind 
3. Financing a resilient future 
4. Establishing resilient cities and infrastructure 
5. Working with nature to build resilience 

As the 2021 edition was fully virtual, all session’ recordings are available

D&C days history 

In 2022, the D&C days will celebrate its 20 years anniversary, a summary compiling its main achievements will be published in the coming months.  

For more information about the history of the D&C days that begun in 2002 during COP8 in Delhi, please visit the IIED website. 

Upcoming D&C days 

The next D&C days will take place in November 2022, more details will follow shortly. 


The climate Science and humanitarian Dialogues (CSHD) are aiming to demystify climate science for humanitarians. They highlight relevant climate information that will influence humanitarian needs, based on existing impacts and projected risks – for instance, bringing scientist and humanitarian together.  

It is also an opportunity to feeder the humanitarian community; made of government representatives, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations, research and academic institutions working on humanitarian issues, and respond united to the many challenges that climate change brings to our work. 

Since 2018 a few CSHD have taken place: 

  • In 2018 following the IPCC 1.5°C report and in partnership with IFRC, Switzerland, IPCC, Fiji as Presidency of COP23, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Climate Action Network – International (CAN). It aimed explained the ramifications of the 1.5°C report to the Geneva-based humanitarian community, and also sought to explore the humanitarian consequences of climate change.  
  • In 2019, as a virtual panel discussion between panellists at COP24 in Madrid and panellists at the 33rd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in Geneva. 
  • In 2021, following the IPCC Working Group 1 (WGI) report (on the physical science basis of climate change) the CSHD unpacked messages from that report for humanitarians. 
  • In 2022, the most recent CSHD discussed the IPCC AR6 Working Group II report on impacts, adaptation and vulnerability with the humanitarian community virtually and in Geneva. The event explored the humanitarian consequences of climate change and the cooperation opportunities for the humanitarian community. 

There have also been other smaller and regional CSHD spin off events. 

Development & Climate Days

Development & Climate Days

The next D&C days will take place in November 2022, more details will follow shortly. 


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