Children’s climate cards

Children's Climate Cards

Are you looking for ways to engage children on the topic of climate change? You can stop your search! 

We have developed the Children’s Climate Cards. The Children’s Climate Cards provide a series of inspiring and interactive activities to engage children on the climate change agenda and call for climate action.

Each card has a fun climate craft mission to learn what climate change is, discover its global and local impacts where you live, and get inspired by climate action stories. 
The goal is to inspire a call for climate action from children in every country in the world to hold decision makers accountable to children’s voice.

Go and explore all 14 missions!

Go and explore all 14 missions!

Via the button below you can download the English version of the Children’s Climate Cards.
We are in the process of translating these cards and we will share them here when they become available.
If you have any questions about these cards, feel free to send a message to:

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We are currently piloting these cards and would love to hear your reaction. We would very much appreciate it if you could take a minute to let us know your feedback. Thanks!

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