Virtual Bingo


Reflecting on some challenges in video conferencing in a humorous way.


Prepare an appropriate bingo sheet that you can email to everybody ahead of the call.
Then ask participants to tick off if any of sentences on the sheet have been said (and by whom). If a participant has five in a row- they are winning the bingo!

Here are some examples:
• Sorry i was on mute
• …., are you there?
• Hi, who just joined?
• Child or animal noises
• Uh, you are still sharing…
• Hey guys, I have to jump to another call
• Hi, can you hear me?
• Sorry, you cut out there…
• I think there is a lag…
• Sorry I was having connection issues…
• Can everyone see my screen?
• Can everyone go on mute?
• Hello? Hello??
• (for overtalkers) Sorry, go ahead.

Feel free to make up your own Bingo Sheet or ask participants to create one ahead of the call.

Technical requirements 

Audio for the participants

For this game is needed:

Participants: 10-50
Facilitator skill: */***
Minutes for gameplay: