Life Pulse

Objective: This exercise allows us to establish connection between participants and to facilitate a brief introduction.

Time: 5-10 min Participants: 3- 20


Give a short introduction to the exercise: encourage every participant to have their camera turned on.
Then invite all participants to place their finger on their camera (so that you will see a red/orange screen). Wait until all participants have placed their finger on the screen, and the screen is a mosaic of red/ orange rectangles.
Ask a question about what you like: e.g. “I like having strong coffee in the morning…” if this is true for you, remove your finger from the camera…

The person asking the question, can pass on the word to one of the persons whose picture they can see.
Repeat this exercise until everyone had a turn, or you have asked 5-10 questions. This exercises requires actvite facilitation and a relatively fast pace.

This exercise can also be used to quickly check for consensus to a particular question. Keep in mind that for large groups, you might have to toggle between screens to see all participants.


The Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre has modified this activity, originally introduced by the Applied Improvisation Network

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For this game is needed:

Participants: 3-20
Facilitator skill: */***
Minutes for gameplay: