Laser Ball


Lightens the mood and creates a visual and physical connection between participants in a creative way.


Ask everyone to imagine that we are able to pass on a ball across space to others on the call.
Then show participants your imaginary ball and describe it: “This is a very large and soft ball, and I am throwing it to… Peter! Are you ready?” Wait until Peter is ready to receive the ball, and then ask Peter to throw it to the next person. The type of ball can change (a laser ball, a prickly heavy ball etc).
Ensure that everybody had a chance to receive and throw the ball.

Encourage participants to debrief after this exercise (verbally or in the chat): How did you experience this exercise? How does this relate to our current ways of working?

Technical requirements 

Camera and audio for the participants

For this game is needed:

Participants: 5-10
Facilitator skill: */***
Minutes for gameplay: