‘Uncomfortable but necessary conversations at #DCDays about shifting the status quo’ – COP28

‘Uncomfortable but necessary conversations at #DCDays about shifting the status quo’ – COP28
8 December 2023

By the Climate Centre

(A longer version of this story appeared first earlier today on the website of the International Institute for Environment and Development.)

Development and Climate Days 2023 brought together leaders, thinkers and innovators from all over the world, united by the challenge of advancing climate action and positive change.

It was the first in-person D&C Days since before the Covid-19 pandemic, and it created a safe space for uncomfortable yet necessary conversations about the challenges of inaction and shifting the status quo.

The meeting also paid tribute to Saleemul Huq, who died in October at the age of 71, vowing to continue his work of recognizing the value of connecting sustainable development and climate, acting as a constant voice for climate action and justice.

This year, participants focused on climate actions across adaptation, resilience, and climate justice and finance. “Bold initiatives and game-changing solutions confronted the challenges of inertia and slow progress towards meeting the world’s climate goals head-on,” IIED said

D&C Days also explored “the knowledge and practice the global North can learn from the global South in meaningful and equitable ways.”

As well as IIED and the Climate Centre, the 2023 event was jointly organized by the Anticipation Hub, the Climate Emergency Collaboration Group, the Climate Justice Resilience Fund, FAO, and the World Bank.

The opening and closing plenary sessions were live-streamed, as well as a video tribute for Saleemul Huq.

An interactive debate about the importance of partnerships, at this year’s Development and Climate Days alongside COP28 in Dubai. At the microphone is Nikolas Scherer, Manager for Policy and Advocacy on Anticipation and Disaster Risk Financing at the German Red Cross. (Photo: social media)