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Climate action journey

Climate action journey

The IFRC has now outlined the full seven-step climate action journey – summarized in English, French, Spanish and Arabic – that has been trialled by the National Societies of Malawi, Nigeria and Pakistan (photo) and encompasses climate-smart operations and, the end goal, locally led adaptation.

The first three steps were published in 2023 in A guide to climate-smart programmes (also in summary form); the last four – climate strategy, engagement with communities, locally-led adaptation, and implementation – are detailed now in a new brief, The importance of scaling up locally led adaptation, to be expanded later in 2024.

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There is an urgent need to scale up and strengthen heat action plans across Asia to deal with the rising heat.
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🌍🌐 A satellite image of 'the future,' simulated by #DestinationEarth's #ClimateChange Digital Twin.
Read about this new system to create operational multi-decadal climate simulations developed by a consortium led by @CSCfi in our in-depth story ➡️


Loss and damage

An important development on the first day of the COP meeting came when delegates agreed on the operationalization of the loss and damage fund accepted in principle last year. The Climate Centre shortly afterwards published a summary of the latest findings on loss and damage from Working Group II.

The report was supported by the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance and endorsed by technical experts on risk management from the Warsaw International Mechanism executive.

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Loss and damage

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