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American Red Cross: Climate change a worldwide humanitarian emergency and defining threat of the 21st century

October 4, 2021
By the Climate Centre (Jennifer Pipa’s complete testimony is available on the Senate committee website.) […]

Climate changed them. Will their story change you?

October 4, 2021
By the IFRC (This story is an IFRC press release issued from Geneva today. It […]

September 30, 2021
Development & Climate Days 2021 Development and Climate Days 2021 will take place on 9 […]

ICRC: Climate change turns Mali’s Lake Faguibine into desert and forces people to move

September 29, 2021
by the ICRC (This story, video, including drone aerials, and still photos were released by […]

‘Food provides life, health, hope’

September 24, 2021
by the Climate Centre The first-ever UN Food Systems Summit was held online yesterday to […]

UNSG calls for sense of urgency over the ‘dire state of the climate process’ ahead of COP 26

September 21, 2021
By the Climate Centre As the high-level week of the General Assembly got underway in […]

IFRC: 140 million people hit by twin crises of climate and Covid

September 16, 2021
by the IFRC (This story is an IFRC press release issued in New York and […]

Frequent extreme heat poses ‘unprecedented challenges to human health and how we live’

September 15, 2021
by the Climate Centre A special study by the BBC published yesterday has concluded that […]

Decisive action on climate could still stem internal migration

September 14, 2021
by the Climate Centre A new report from the World Bank out yesterday describes climate […]

Study: Expanding early action in Dhaka to include heatwave

September 12, 2021
by Sheikh Khairul Rahaman, German Red Cross, Bangladesh (A longer version of this article appeared […]

Climate and migration: what’s the evidence?

September 10, 2021
by the Climate Centre A set of infographics just launched by the UK-based global affairs […]

Climate and conflict: A research agenda

September 10, 2021
Climate disruption affects – and will increasingly affect – populations across the globe. Increasing climate […]

The young asked to take the lead on climate

September 9, 2021
by the Climate Centre More than 700 young people all over the world registered for […]

Virtually Amazing

September 9, 2021
We have created a range of virtual design tips, exercises and tools for you. Please […]

National Adaptation Planning

September 9, 2021
Working with the IFRC and the Danish Red Cross, the Climate Centre has been engaged in […]

Blog: Acting early to protect children in emergencies

September 8, 2021
by Audrey Oettli, IFRC-Child Protection Area of Responsibility Coordinator (A version of this blog first […]

Greenhouse gases, sea levels, oceans, permafrost, Arctic fires, Antarctic melt all broke records in 2020

September 3, 2021
by the Climate Centre (This story is a summary of a NOAA National Centers for […]

WMO: Climate change leads to more extreme weather but early warning saves lives

September 2, 2021
by the Climate Centre Recorded disasters have multiplied by a factor of five over the […]

‘A terrifying glimpse of a world ravaged by unchecked climate change’

September 1, 2021
By the Climate Centre Fifty-five wildfires were still burning late last week in the Russia’s […]

Hurricane Ida winds ‘intensified from 85 to 150mph’ in a day

August 31, 2021
Hurricane Ida, which rapidly intensified off the US Gulf of Mexico coast earlier this week, […]

One million trees to protect vulnerable Gambian communities

August 29, 2021
The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) – together with the government and the National Youth […]

IFRC: As climate-related disasters escalate, humanitarian sector urges investment in preparedness

August 24, 2021
(This story is an IFRC press release issued in Geneva earlier today.) The recent devastating […]

IFRC: Wildfires and Covid threaten tens of thousands in Algeria and Tunisia

August 16, 2021
(This story is a press release issued by the IFRC in Algiers, Tunis and Beirut […]

New Climate Centre country briefs on climate, health, livelihoods

August 16, 2021
By the Climate Centre The Climate Centre last week finalized publication of eight country-briefs assessing […]

Somalia: 3 million face starvation and disease, IFRC warns, calling for swift action

August 12, 2021
(This story is an IFRC press release issued in Nairobi and Geneva yesterday. It has […]

Forecast Mediterranean fire danger persists

August 11, 2021
by the Climate Centre “Extreme and very extreme conditions” conducive to wildfires continue to prevail […]

Climate Change Impacts on Health and Livelihoods

August 10, 2021
The introduction to the series of country reports, detailing methodology and steps in the process.

IPCC: Climate change is widespread, rapid, and intensifying

August 9, 2021
by the Climate Centre The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said today that scientists are […]

The Physical Science of Climate Change: Seven key humanitarian insights from the latest IPCC report

August 9, 2021
The IPCC’s findings are clear, rigorous, and very concerning. They are captured in formal, technical […]

IFRC urges more international support for Afghans affected by worsening drought

August 5, 2021
(This story is an IFRC press release issued yesterday in Kabul, Kuala Lumpur and Geneva.) […]

Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers respond to wildfires raging across Europe

August 3, 2021
(This story is an IFRC press release issued in Ankara, Budapest and Geneva yesterday; it […]

British Red Cross briefing on intensifying UK heatwaves

July 30, 2021
by the Climate Centre The UK is getting hotter, says the British Red Cross. As […]

RCRC Climate & YOUth Summit

July 30, 2021
We thank all participants for joining the 2nd edition of the RCRC Climate & YOUth […]

ICRC: Climate change and conflict threaten Somali herders

July 28, 2021
(This story appeared first on the ICRC website yesterday.) by the ICRC Conflict and the […]

French Red Cross updates ‘Taking care of humankind at +2°’

July 27, 2021
by the Climate Centre The French Red Cross last week issued a second edition of […]

China floods: ‘Massive rescue and relief efforts’

July 22, 2021
by the Climate Centre The Chinese authorities have launched “massive rescue and relief efforts” in […]

Policy brief - Anticipatory Action. The Case for stepping up FbF in Zambia

July 22, 2021
This policy brief was developed by the project partners of the Response Preparedness programme in […]

Learning from FbF in Zambia

July 22, 2021
A case study in building anticipatory action in Zambia. The case study is produced by […]

Europe floods: Are they linked to climate change?

July 20, 2021
How much can we say about climate’s role in a specific weather-event? Here’s what scientists, […]

‘A catastrophe of historic proportions’

July 16, 2021
by the Climate Centre More than 100 people in Germany have died in what may […]

Worst scenario for global warming: ‘9 out of 10 people worldwide at risk from malaria and dengue’

July 13, 2021
by the Climate Centre In the most pessimistic scenario for climate change, with emissions continuing […]

North American heatwave ‘150 times more likely with climate change’, say attribution scientists

July 8, 2021
by the Climate Centre Last week’s record-breaking heatwave in parts of the US and Canada […]

Blog: Historic heat leads American Red Cross volunteers to adapt to ‘a disaster like no other’

July 8, 2021
by Sarah Cagann, American Red Cross, Portland, Oregon (This story appeared first last week on […]

4th Africa dialogue platform: a burst of energy and enthusiasm

July 7, 2021
by the Anticipation Hub, German Red Cross The three-day Africa Dialogue Platform on Anticipatory Humanitarian […]

IFRC: Urgent action needed to protect children against climate-related disasters in Africa

July 7, 2021
(This article, by the IFRC’s Protection, Gender and Inclusion Unit, appeared first on the IFRC […]

Covid and climate change: when crises collide

July 6, 2021
by Michelle Langrand and Pokuaa Oduro-Bonsrah, Geneva Solutions (This article appeared first on the Geneva […]

Canadian heat: ‘A stunning breakout above all previously measured values’

July 4, 2021
by the Climate Centre The Canadian Red Cross has set up a family reunification helpline, […]

Scaling up ambition on social protection and climate – what can Covid teach us?

June 25, 2021
by the Climate Centre A new brief incorporating social protection responses to Covid-19, published this […]

Anticipatory action: ‘momentum, rhythm, interest’

June 23, 2021
by the Climate Centre Together with its partners in a multi-agency task force, the IFRC […]

ICRC-IFRC: Humanitarian agencies combine against existential threat of climate change

June 22, 2021
(This story is a joint press release issued by the IFRC and ICRC earlier today. […]

IFRC in Europe sounds alarm over deadly combination of heat and Covid-19

June 18, 2021
(This story is an IFRC press release issued in Budapest and Geneva earlier today.) by […]

‘UK struggling to keep pace with climate impacts’

June 17, 2021
by the Climate Centre Action to improve the UK’s resilience is not keeping pace with […]

IFRC welcomes USAID to early-action partnership

June 14, 2021
by the Climate Centre At the end of the G7 summit in Cornwall yesterday, the […]

Cartoon Gallery

June 11, 2021
These cartoons were created during Cartoonathons in 2020-2022. They may be used for non-profit purposes, […]